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Ministério da Defesa - EED - Empresa Estratégica de Defesa - Strategic Defense Company
Ministério da Defesa - PRODE - Produto de Defesa - Defense Product
Ministério da Defesa - PED - Produto Estratégico de Defesa - Strategic Defense Product

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08/02/2019 Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs and Airship do Brasil discuss institutional project

SAE has shown interest in monitoring ADB's strategic projects and it will begin to interact about solutions that are of interest to Brazil.

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08/02/2019 Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications and Airship do Brasil held a meeting about lighter than air

Airship updated MCTIC about developments carried out and in progress by Airship do Brasil.

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07/02/2019 Congressmen received Airship from Brazil to talk about the aeronautical sector taxes

The meeting was aimed to discuss matters of taxes and taxes aspects of the aeronautical sector

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07/02/2019 CORREIOS received Airship do Brasil to carry out feasibility study

The Vice President of Operations of the Brazilian Post Office welcomed the representatives of Airship do Brasil

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